Here are helpful links to blogs, articles and resources 

related to clearing our spaces and our minds:

Link Between Frugality and Hoarding?

Decluttering Decisions

How Do You Help a Hoarder?  One of the biggest questions we get, wonderfully addressed by Shasta at Hubpages.  Very helpful advice.  Please read and add your own comments and advice that you have found to work.

The Hoarding Project:  Based out of Minnesota.

San Francisco Bay Area Support

Meditation: What It Actually Is, Why It's Awesome & How To Get Started:  Science has come to understand and validate what practitioners have known for a long time of the amazing powers of meditation.  This is a quick primer and simple explanation for beginners.

Going from Hoarding to Zen:  This is an amazing site where Gloria has been inspired to write letters from God.  Sign up for her email lists and you will be graced with a daily letter from God written through Gloria.  I am shocked how many times I feel like they were written just for me.  Try it out and see if you don't feel the same.

The Emerging Science of Consciousness:  The Nour Foundation is at the forefront of this topic and their website is a plethora of great podcasts, videos and articles.  There is even a great interview about the increase importance of environmental space and its impact on human health and healing.  They mention LABYRINTHS - Check them out!